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About MySmileGuide
Benefits of MySmileGuide

Oral health is essential to overall health and quality of life. According to the U.S. Office of the Surgeon General, the most common chronic illnesses are tooth decay, gingivitis (bleeding gums), periodontitis (bone loss around teeth), and oral malodor (bad breath). Poor oral health is also linked to chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and skeletal bone health (Surgeon General's Oral Health Report, 2000).

MySmileGuide® is a simple to use, secure and interactive patent-pending system that includes tools for oral health assessment, monitoring and education. MySmileGuide® can help detect problems early, while promoting habits that can improve overall health in all phases of life. MySmileGuide® is the only online oral health assessment tool and tracking platform designed by healthcare experts that targets the specific oral health needs of people of all ages.


Benefits for Insurance Providers

Poor oral health is the most common of all chronic illnesses and is linked to serious health problems such as diabetes, cardiac disease, hypertension and respiratory illness. MySmileGuide® provides insurance providers with (1) A unique solution for collecting data about oral health, behavior, and risk that is applicable to overall health and wellness; (2) An oral health education tool developed by medical experts, customized based on a user's age, gender and specific profile; and (3) Industry-leading data and privacy protection, including SSL data encryption, the capability for Single Sign On (SSO) and custom branding.

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Benefits for Employers and Corporate Wellness Managers

Oral health of employees is a central part of their overall health, self-confidence, and productivity. There is much more to oral health than brushing and flossing. Rather it includes a broad range of life habits, from eating a healthy, balanced diet to regular dental checkups, to understanding all aspects of caring for the mouth, teeth and gums. MySmileGuide® is a unique, cost-effective means of promoting overall health that can help reduce healthcare costs and absenteeism.

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Benefits for Schools

Poor oral health is the most common of childhood chronic illness. Promoting oral health to students of all ages is invaluable for promoting their general health, growth, school success and self-confidence. MySmileGuide® provides users a very easy-to-use system for health monitoring and promotion. Caregivers of young children or adolescents complete simple questionnaires and receive customized tips promoting their oral health. Schools receive an invaluable health education and assessment tool.

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Benefits for Individuals, Parents and Kids

Oral health begins at birth. Tooth decay is the most common of childhood chronic illness. Protecting oral health for all ages is invaluable to promoting general health, growth, school and social success and self-confidence. Caregivers can effectively protect their child’s health and well-being. MySmileGuide® provides adults of all ages a reliable health partner as they complete simple questionnaires and receive customized tips promoting their oral health.

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Benefits for Partners and Oral Health Product Vendors

As the premier online health assessment, monitoring, and tracking tool dedicated to promoting oral health, MySmileGuide® provides a very unique opportunity for partners and sponsors to target their products and services to their desired markets. To learn more about how MySmileGuide® can help you, please click here.