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About MySmileGuide
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Benefits of MySmileGuide

Do you know that your oral health is directly connected to your overall health and well-being?


  • Would you like to get more from your dental visits?
  • How do you feel about preventing unnecessary dental costs for you and your family?
  • Does your college-aged son or daughter know what questions to ask a dentist if he or she needs to see one?
  • Do you know when your child should start dental visits?

There are so many questions. My SmileGuide is the answer to these and many more questions affecting you and your family—and we’re right at your fingertips!

My SmileGuide is an innovative, secure, and uniquely personalized online health questionnaire that assesses, tracks and monitors your oral health. We will alert you when it’s time to see your dentist, educate you about how to maximize your dental visits, keep track of your family’s oral health records, teach you how to live a healthier and more balanced life, provide guidance on how to keep your healthcare costs down—and more.


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Oral Health and Overall Health

Good oral health means more than just having a nice smile. In fact, the health of your teeth and gums can reveal a lot about the health of your entire body. Research has found that poor oral health contributes to health concerns like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, decreased immunity, and pneumonia. In addition, factors such as age, gender, family history, and tobacco use can also affect the connection between oral and overall health and increase the chance for health-related problems. The strong link between the health of your mouth and the health of your body gives you even more reason to take the best possible care of your teeth and gums. The importance of daily practice of good oral care—and regular monitoring of that dental care—is being recognized more than ever before.

Also, your smile is harmed by poor daily habits, lack of daily self- lifestyle choices, common general health conditions, and oral medications. Thus, attention to and maintaining oral health provides an easy way to better protect your health and wellness as you use continuous monitoring and education to reduce your risk. Such knowledge encourages timely, preventive health care visits. My SmileGuide can help you and your family with all of this!

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What is My SmileGuide? Why should I use it?

My SmileGuide is an innovative, secure, and personalized on-line health questionnaire that assesses, tracks, and monitors oral health from birth into the senior years. At birth, we have good oral health. But childcare and lifestyle choices over time, combined with other factors such as poor diet, inadequate health supervision, and misconceptions about oral health care cause problems for children’s oral health—problems that ARE preventable. And the risks for poor oral health become even greater for children suffering from chronic illnesses (diabetes, congenital birth problems, developmental delays, etc.). Seniors often have mouth problems, affecting their nutrition and harming their overall wellness, and quality of life.


Using My SmileGuide can help monitor your oral health—and your family’s—through each age span. It is specifically personalized for each user, by gender, age, risk factors, and overall health. My SmileGuide provides you with tips on how to maintain better oral health, how to reduce your healthcare costs, and how to live a healthier life. My SmileGuide also alerts you when it’s time to see your dentist, helps you get more from your dental visits, and tracks the oral health of you and your family members.

My SmileGuide was created by Dr. Fred S. Ferguson, a board certified pediatric dentist with almost 30 years of patient care, research, and professional education experience at Stony Brook University in New York.

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How to use My SmileGuide

My SmileGuide is easy to use for both caregivers and individuals.
1. You register on My SmileGuide and create your secure and personal oral electronic health folder.
2. My SmileGuide presents a questionnaire based upon your age and gender.
3. Based on your responses, My SmileGuide provides guidance to help you protect your health.
4. My SmileGuide saves your reports in your secure health folder. My SmileGuide can do this for anyone and everyone in your household.

My SmileGuide its available 24/7 and you can access your health folder from any Internet connection. Libraries, schools, office facilities and homes are locations with connections to the Web. You can even access My SmileGuide from an Internet-equipped cell phone or PDA.

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What is the cost?

My SmileGuide costs $12.00 per year for each person.
For $12.00, you get:


  • A secure Web health tool
  • A guide to reduce your health care costs
  • Alerts when it is time for you, and each family member registered with a My SmileGuide to see your dentist
  • A guide to understand your dental visits better and know what questions to ask
  • A guide on how to protect your child’s oral health and dental development as they grow
  • A guide showing you how to reduce food costs and eat healthier
  • A guide on how to live a healthier life


You also get:


  • Email alerts to notify you to return for reassessment
  • Email alerts for timely preventive dental visits
  • “Dental Visit Checklist” to record and provide health guidance from dental visits
  • A library of topics specific to you and your family’s health


Disclaimer: My SmileGuide does not provide information about your dentist’s care of your oral health or the dental care that you may need to maintain it. These issues should be discussed directly with your dentist.


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