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Oral health begins at birth. Helping your child learn good dental care will protect their smile and promote oral health for life. Protecting your child’s oral health protects their general health, growth, school success, self-confidence and overall well-being; it is an investment in their future**.

Untreated oral disease can turn a child’s future from bright to bleak and harm quality of life. The most common illnesses are tooth decay, bleeding gums, bone loss around teeth, and bad breath*. Good oral health is about lowering your RISK.


Be aware that good oral health can reduce the risk of conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and skeletal bone disease. Dental diseases can be prevented with education, healthy life style, timely oral care, and regular dental visits.

* Surgeon General's Oral Health Report (2000)
** Centers for Disease Control and American Association of Pediatrics Oral Health Risk Assessment Policy Statement (2003)