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Oral health conditions like tooth decay, bleeding gums, oral malodor, and bone loss are the most common chronic illnesses throughout life.* Risk factors like oral hygiene, diet, and lifestyle connect oral and general health. Age, gender, and family history also play a role in increasing risk for oral disease.* Studies show that people with common chronic health problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, decreased immunity, and pneumonia disproportionately suffer from poor oral health.

Promoting oral health is a great way to protect overall health and well being because oral health strongly reflects care-giving, knowledge, and daily self-care habits.** Monitoring oral health and dental visits through a secure, personalized online health record provides reliable data to health insurance providers, helping to reduce costs for chronic health conditions and improve health accountability for consumers and providers.


* Surgeon General's Oral Health Report (2000)
** Centers for Disease Control and American Association of Pediatrics Oral Health Risk Assessment Policy Statement (2003)