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MySmileGuide<sup>®</sup> works for

How Does MySmileGuide® Work for Employers?


Lack of good oral health has been shown to significantly impact employee wellness and productivity. Studies indicate that workers are more productive when they are confident about their oral health and that of their families. Tracking oral health can empower worker autonomy, increase confidence, and reduce the chance and severity of common chronic health concerns such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and respiratory illness.

MySmileGuide® is a library of questions and answers assessing oral and general health. Each member is assessed according to their age and gender, and fall under one of three categories: children, adolescents, and adults. When the member’s age and gender are entered into the program, the appropriate set of questions is selected and presented in an Oral Health Risk Questionnaire. Members receive clear, personalized health guidance, and a report specific to their risk assessment is placed in their Personal Health Folder.


MySmileGuide® follows up with members by email inviting them to return to the site and repeat their oral health assessments. The timing of the follow-up email depends on the member’s most recent health assessment “Smile Score”:


  • 0 to 33: 3-month follow-up
  • 34 to 66: 6-month follow-up
  • 66 to 100:12-month follow-up


MySmileGuide® also provides an age-specific Dental Visit Checklist for members to print and bring to their next dental appointment. The dentist answers a set of yes/no questions which the member enters into the MySmileGuide® interface. A set of oral health recommendations is generated specific to the dental visit. This Dental Visit Checklist Report is placed in the member’s Personal Health Folder, where all member oral health information is securely stored and managed.


MySmileGuide® members receive alerts to help them achieve their age-specific dental visit goals. Alerts to health professionals, case managers, and human resource directors can also be programmed into MySmileGuide®.